I remember the cup of ginger tea sitting on a table by the window in our living room, and the Bombay monsoons thundering and pouring down from overcast skies... and my father turning on the record player, slowly flooding our home with music. I also remember gathering each morning in the large assembly hall of my school to sing hymns with the other children - a simple ritual that filled me with pensive joy.

And this is what moves me about music - its ability to warm the emptiness of a place, evoke the flavors of an emotion, convey the unfolding of a story, capture the richness of a memory, and bring people together.

Through the years I have been writing songs without any real plan of making an album. So for a long time the songs remained scribbled as words and chords on pieces of paper.

But I guess certain futures have a gravity of their own, and a few years ago I met music producer Aditya Naik, and the project of making this album came into focus. Things took a little longer than expected - but each delay and diversion came with a rich reward. And here we are...

Please click here to download the free album booklet which has all the lyrics and the musician credits.
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